Procesadora de Alimentos del sur Limitada was founded and run as one of the most modern slaughterhouses in Chile with one of the biggest slaughtering capacity.

The establishment, developed in October 1997, realises the possibility of up-to-date production, reliable quality, economical management and better manpower management. The firm is situated on an area of 40.000 mq, 13.000 mq of which is built up and we employ more than 400 people. From the beginning of its’ planning, the slaughterhouse was built according to the national and international regulations of hygiene and food safety. The company buys the animal to be slaughtered according to the continious and safe demand of the market, always paying attention to the health and safety of the consumers. Now the company is dealing with slaughtering and processing of pigs.
The production capacity of the pig slaughtering line is 500 pigs per hour, which means over 1.000.000 pigs per shift in a year. The classification of the pighalves is done on the basis of S E U R O P classification system of the Common Market. The whole process from the beginning to the end is registered by a computer system. In addition to the slaughtering export chopping and boning are done.
The commercial line of the company tends towards the industrial and commercial purchasers of the following countries: Italy, Spain, China, Vietnam, Russia, Korea, Japan, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan just mentioning only the main countries.

The aim of Procesadora de Alimentos del sur Limitada is developing trademark, obtaining and maintaining the increasing market share in respect of customers and all others industrial partners.