From a small ambition to ensure family's well-being PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA has grown into one of the largest Chilean fresh pork meat manufacturers and vendors, owing its success to its traditional values and flexible production management. The company's structure is orientated on the idea to make more efficient and customer oriented company. In turn, these factors allow us to compete successfully in the European Union, Russia and Asian markets. Family business concept, when all major company units are led by the immediate family members, makes it more effective to make the right decisions and to find the best solution to various situations. In order to ensure company's stability and growth, PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA's business is based on creation of long-term commercial relationships with reliable partners, professionalism of personnel and high quality completion of each order.

PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA is one of the leading companies of fresh pork meat market in Chile. The company's aim is to discover new markets around the world and to engage a strong position in them.

PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA consistently enhance the concept of business by providing customers with complete services that meet their specific needs. Constant development at organizational and technological levels allows to better serve the needs of our clients and to conserve the environment better. Company priorities are focused on ultimate process quality assurance, maintenance and enhancement of reliable partner name, renewable energy sources usage and environmentally friendly activity.


-Loyalty – we value the continuity. On the first problem appearance we did not terminate the relationship, but trying to find a compromise;
-Reliability – we always fulfill our promises;
-Flexibility - we can implement even the most specific customer needs;
-Collaboration – we constructively communicate internally and maintain feedback with customers;
-Responsibility – we are socially responsible to our customers, suppliers and employees and both to nature and the environment in which we work;
-Quality – is our company's foundation and aspiration.

PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA can proudly claim that in a relatively short period of time has developed strong international trade relations. Export portfolio is constantly updated. Clients and partners from Chile and foreign markets are known to be highly demanding and pretentious. PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA may be proud of the work done to meet the high demands of customers. New export markets are opening up for PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA almost every year. Today 81% of the company's produced production is exported.

In 1998 PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA re-focused its main activity into meat production and sales, and its turnover has been increasing annually ever since.

Exports account for around 81% of company production. Production is sold to the Asia, Russia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Holland, France, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Italy, Denmark and other European countries.

Animal developers of PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA arrive to animal breeders upon the agreed time, weigh the animals and organize purchase documents. PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA buys animals based on carcass weight and quality or live weight.

PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA transports animals to butchery by their own transport applied to animal transportation and which complies with requirements of animal welfare. Recently the company owns 19 cattle trucks which are observed to carry up to 200 pigs.
PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA competence and excellence of pork production process are recognized almost worldwide – from raw material to finished product.

As a socially responsible company, it provides fresh meat only – no additives, no flavor enhancers or grouting. PROCESADORA DE ALIMENTOS DEL SUR LIMITADA operates two slaughter lines for pigs – capacity accordingly of 40units/h, and 120 units/h. Cutting plant capacity ~50 tons of meat per shift.

Capacity of cutting room is around ~50 t per shift.